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Karatbars has been successful for 8 years and is active in 130+ countries. There is no risk or guesswork with the Karatbars "Pay Yourself First" Gold Savings Program and their Affiliate Referral Program has set people free worldwide. Contact the person who referred you to this website for details. Imagine generating income from EVERYTHING you see in the videos on this website. Your timing is PERFECT!


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Cashgold combines the advantages of cash and gold and is stable and not susceptible to crises. “In Gold we Trust” – that is the motto of the Karatbars enterprise. The statement sums up the vision of company founder Harald Seiz, which is to give all people in each of the world’s 194 countries the opportunity to buy gold in small units to secure their financial assets.


KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based crypto coin that’s linked physically to the deposited gold; once the coin is linked to a specific weight of gold, it’s called CashGold. A specific number of KaratBank Coins can be exchanged for CashGold at any given time.

Karatpay & K-Exchange

It's an innovation of Karatbars International: a shopping community based on trust in gold. Imagine a network of stores and online shops that accept gold both physically - CashGold - and virtually - KaratPAY - as a means of exchange and payment. Worldwide, with maximum security.
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Impulse K-1 Phone

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